When It’s More Than Just a Cold

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How to recognize the warning signs of allergies in your children. Children often can’t tell us how their bodies are feeling or why they feel sick. It’s often up to “Dr. Mom or Dad” to tell the difference between a simple cold or a rash and a serious, life-threatening allergy. Fortunately, there are some basic

Why is Louisville, Ky. the allergy capital of the United States?

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Every year, the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America names the “Worst Cities in the United States for Spring Allergies.” And every year, Louisville makes it into the top 5. In 2014, Louisville was #1. This year Louisville was #2, behind Jackson, Miss. Why? Our famous bluegrass is one factor. While it may make Kentucky

Aug 05, 2015 / by John G. Riehm, M.D. / No Comments